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Based in Vancouver, CNS is a professional advertising agency that offers valued online marketing services in Canada and the United States. We help both local organizations and global enterprises promote their products/services in the right market and to the right audience. Being a local online advertising agency in Canada, our goal is to bridge the gap of your products and the target audience, playing the role of a perfect web marketing company.

Whether you have introduced a new product in the market or looking forward to increasing your customers, CNS can help you in either case. At our platform, we provide full-scale digital advertising solutions including search engine and social media marketing. Similarly, we improve your brand identity by creating awareness among the target audience regarding your products

We also provide local search marketing services in all the provinces of Canada including Ontario, Quebec, British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and others. We make full use of effective web marketing methods and capture fast leads for you. Being a professional and experienced web advertising agency, we plan, launch, and execute proven digital advertising campaigns for your business.

What We Can Do for You

Set Budgets

Just as we consider your brand like ours, we also consider your money as ours and set a profitable budget for you.

Google Adwords Setting

We can bring more clicks on your ads on Google through our effective Google Adwords Setting services.

Bing Adwords Setting

Bing is also one of the top search engines. We set your ads on Bing and bring more sales in your business.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

We can effectively set your pay per click ads and can generate maximum revenue for you through minimum spending.

Landing Page Optimization

We can particularly optimize your landing pages for advertisements and can bring relevant traffic to them.

Call Tracking

Providing better advertising services and delivering proven results, we can improve your sales with call tracking.


Whatever we do, we do with great creativity. We provide effective geotargeting services to our clients.

Comparison Shopping Engine

Having years of experience in the advertising industry, we make full use of comparison shopping engine.

Google Adwords

Google is the most used website and the topmost search engine on which people across the world search anything they need. Many businesses are also directly attached to Google. Considering this, we provide effective advertising services on Google Adwords and increase your sales to a greater extent.

Pay Per Click

We can set your advertisement in such a way that you can generate sales on every click on pay per click ads. We conduct thorough research of a client’s business and set its ads on the top buying keywords. In this way, we invest less but bring more sales for our clients.

Mobile-Friendly Ads

Since Smartphones have snatched a large audience from other big screens, we set perfect mobile-friendly ads for our clients and attract mobile users to them. We write concise content and use attractive images in our ads to drive you more sales.

Return on Investment (ROI)

We tend to bring an ideal ROI for each of our clients. Using our proven strategies, we build brand awareness for our clients, help their products/services make their way in the market, and increase the chances of a perfect ROI.

Let’s Work Together

Proven Leadership

We have been in the business for more than 10 years and our experience has helped us become a top-quality advertising agency in the US and Canada.

Team Work

Our team works together to make strategic plans for better advertising solutions that can deliver desired results with a perfect return on investments.


We get down to action with advanced advertising practices to polish talents and give them a platform for successful campaigns.

Call Us Today

When you need outspoken advertising solutions in the US or Canada, contact us to interact with better resources and workforce solutions.

10 Reasons to Choose CNS as Your Digital Advertising Partner

  1. New connections with new customers and reconnection with old ones.
  2. Educated and skilled marketing staff with proven records.
  3. Highly quality PPC and CPC advertising for all types of businesses.
  4. Effective digital advertising strategies with a simple process, and no hassles.
  5. Strategic marketing campaigns that build your brand awareness.
  6. Guaranteed satisfaction with increased return on investment.
  7. Local and small business advertising in the US and Canada.
  8. Transparent advertising process with proper notifications.
  9. Dedicated web marketers who help you find what’s best for you.
  10. Timesaving, cost-effective, and the highest standards of service.

What Our Clients Say

"This is the digital advertising I had been looking for. The team here is smart and flexible…same as I wanted. The quality of work by them has made me one of their permanent clients. I would give five stars to the company and recommend others also to prefer them for Google Adwords."

." – Danny, Canada

" I really enjoyed working with CNS Digital Marketing. I must say that the team is professional and know the subject. The team really made their efforts and helped me get a perfect return on my investment. I’m truly impressed with their search engine marketing techniques. "

– Fedelis George, USA

" CNS first analyzed the market and then promote my business through Google Adwords. I was scared to spend much but now I’m very much satisfied as I’m making good money against my marketing expenses."

– Malinda, Canada

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